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March 04, 2024 4 min read

We are proud to introduce you to Erin Hietpas, at CRAFT HAIR CO., one of the latest hair care professionals carrying ANTIDOTE Hair Care. One of the best things about working with ANTIDOTE is getting to meet the inspiring professionals that share our vision of raising the bar in professional hair care. After all, professional hair care should be made with the best natural ingredients, minimal packaging, and deliver through multi-use products.

We recently had a chance to learn more about Erinand wanted to share some highlights from our conversation.

Why do you use ANTIDOTE products? 

I have followed this line over the years on social media. It's a brand and mission I can really get behind. These products are a lifestyle choice for me. Clean ingredients. Simplified product line. No synthetic smells. I use them because they work. As a stylist for nearly 15 years I have tried so many products.  I have never been able to fully get behind a line until now.   It's an affordable line that I can feel good about promoting to my clients.

What is your favorite ANTIDOTE product and why?

This question isn't fair.  I love so many of them.  I love the Coconut Shampoo bar.  The rich lather and the smell is something to gush over, it is the best shampoo I've ever used.

The Mint Nourishing Oil is also one of my favorites. I live in Wisconsin. It's cold and dry which is so hard on my hair, skin and nails.  This oil absorbs into my hair and skin without leaving you greasy.  It revives your hair and skin.

The silk protein styling cream really tames my frizz without weighing my hair down.

The jojoba hair repair is AMAZING.  It hydrates my hair and leaves it so shiny.  

How did you get into the beauty industry?  Why have you stayed in it?

I went to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on a Diving Scholarship. There, I studied Political Science.  After school, I moved home and worked for my Dad's company. I hated sitting at a desk. I watched the clock all day. I knew I wanted to have a job I enjoyed, something that didn't feel like "work". That's when I started Cosmetology school. This fall will be 15 years in the industry. 

I have stayed in the industry for several reasons. 

My clients. I've been blessed to have collected such an awesome group of people. I have been doing some of my clients for 14 years. I adore them. I know them on a much deeper level than just doing their hair. I know their work, families, hobbies etc. 

My schedule. It's an industry where I can have a career and be a Mom and a Wife and I feel a sense of balance. Over the years I learned to set boundaries and for both work and home and I believe this is why I've lasted so long. 

Creativity. I love that this industry promotes creativity. It's constantly evolving and changing. It keeps things new and interesting. My work is never the same!

Why is natural beauty important to you?

Chemicals surround us on a daily basis. I spend so much time with products in and out of the salon. They are on my skin and in the air I breathe. Natural products reduce the exposure to chemicals significantly. It's something I can feel good about.   

What’s your favorite advice for staying healthy?

Find an activity you enjoy so it's not a chore, and everything in moderation. 

What's your approach to health and wellness?

I have a crazy schedule as most working Moms do. My approach to health and wellness starts by carving out an hour a day for activity. I have a running buddy, a fellow neighbor mom who I do most of my 1/2 and full marathon training with.  We workout most days together.  This physical activity recharges me and the social interaction with someone who understands my day to day life resets me mentally. We set goals, we challenge one another and we support one another. 

Any predictions for 2024 around health, beauty and wellness?

I think 2024 will be a fun year.  It feels refreshing to have a new product line that inspires me. 

At ANTIDOTE, our Vision is to raise the bar in professional hair care, breaking the paradigm. We created ANTIDOTE Hair Care because we believe that everyone deserves an alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most haircare. Salon professional hair care made with the best natural ingredients, minimal packaging, and multi-use products to minimize consumer and environmental waste.

For too long the hair care industry has made us believe that salon quality hair care needs harsh chemicals to work. The truth is, these chemicals irritate our scalp, weaken hair over time, and make hair brittle. Of course, the industry is happy to fill your shower with extra products designed to repair the damage caused by harsh ingredients.

Join Erin in breaking the paradigm.  You'll find Erin at:

CRAFT HAIR CO., W3178 Van Roy Rd. Suite B, Appleton, WI 54915

Visit her Instagram page to learn more.

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