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September 03, 2022 4 min read

Our goal at ANTIDOTE is to make the finest plant powered hair care products available to as many people as possible.  We recently benchmarked ANTIDOTE formulas to understand how we stacked up.  What we learned might surprise you. 

ANTIDOTE formulas are among the most luxurious in the industry.

At the end of the day, an 8oz ANTIDOTE shampoo retailing for $24-28 should be selling for $50.

Most products on the market are mostly water, but not ANTIDOTE. At ANTIDOTE ingredients matter because it is what’s inside the bottle that delivers benefits to your scalp and hair, and quality ingredients cost more.   

Here are some of the key differences between what you’ll find in ANTIDOTE shampoos and conditioners vs. others:

  • ANTIDOTE uses aloe vera bases, not water found in most other products
  • ANTIDOTE uses a 4-part, sulfate-free coconut-based cleanser, not cheap detergents
  • ANTIDOTE conditions with rich shea butter and avocado oil, not inexpensive silicones
  • ANTIDOTE uses essential oils like rosemary and grapefruit, not artificial fragrance
  • ANTIDOTE uses Vitamin E to protect its formulas – also great for skin, not harsh preservatives

As a result, every ANTIDOTE Shampoo and Conditioner are Green Rated by the Environmental Working Group.  We haven't found another professional brand that can say that.

ANTIDOTE invites you to say yes to plant powered formulas that work with your body and say no to products that are mostly water, artificial detergents, and cheap conditioners.

Quality ingredients are why ANTIDOTE works  

Don't take our word for it.... people are talking and here's what they are saying about ANTIDOTE hair care.

"When I first started using this conditioner my hair was tangled and dry. I gave it a few weeks and WOW, my hair has never been this healthy. I realized that my other conditioner was just heavy silicones coating my hair strand, instead of actually conditioning and repairing. I am a firm believer in natural haircare, thanks ANTIDOTE for creating something so amazing." - Malory

"My hair was so dry and brittle, I used ANTIDOTE shampoo for 2 weeks and noticed a huge difference in how my hair felt and managed." - Corina

"Since using ANTIDOTE shampoo, I can wear black/navy shirts and not worry about flakes!  It is a change to get used to less "lather" but my hair feels so much softer." - KMS

"I have relied on the ANTIDOTE Chamomile Shampoo and Cond for the past 6 months.  My hair is cleaner, has more body, and my itchy scalp has gone away!" - Mike

"I have tried just about every natural brand and ANTIDOTE really delivers. This conditioner is one of my favorites. :)"-Samantha

How does ANTIDOTE deliver a $50 shampoo at about half that?

With our mission of making healthy living easier, we’re always looking for ways to provide quality formulas at reasonable prices. We wanted to give you an insider’s view of a few ways that we make this possible:

  • Small batch production
  • Buying directly from family farms
  • Selling direct to you and boutique salons

Small batch production

This not only means that your ANTIDOTE is fresh, it means that we don’t need to invest in large product runs or excess warehouse space. Small batch production also means that we are always improving our formulas, so you’ll always get the best.

Buying directly from family farms

ANTIDOTE buys direct from family farms and small producers. Buying ingredients from the producers avoids costly mark-ups that come when there are multiple steps in the purchasing process.   Buying direct also means that we can guarantee the quality and sustainability of the production method used. For example, by buying ginseng roots from family farms in central Wisconsin, we know exactly how they grow and what methods they use. 

We only sell direct

ANTIDOTE only sells directly to you and through boutique salons. With no distributor or middle-person, you get to skip the markups that comes when you buy a product that goes through multiple hands. 

This also means that we have a direct connection with you and every boutique salon and business that carries ANTIDOTE. We share your values for a plant powered world that’s better for people and the environment. That direct connection also means that we get feedback directly from the professionals that use ANTIDOTE every day. Their collective experience with a diverse range of hair types gets baked into every ANTIDOTE formula.

We get that plant powered hair care costs more than traditional products.  That's why we offer other ways to get the most from your hair care investment:

Free shipping on orders over $50

To make purchasing ANTIDOTE easier for you, we also offer free shipping on orders over $50. Depending on how much you buy, that’s easily another $10-15 value. And with gas prices where they are, it would be easy to spend that on a ride to the store.

Subscriptions with benefits

Because plant powered products work at a deeper level, it is important to use them consistently. As a “thank you” to our regulars, we offer a free subscription program that can be selected when choosing your favorite products. The program comes with a great deal, plus you’ll never run out. We are currently offering a free gift with every order, usually a new formula to try. And you can cancel or change your frequency at any time.

While quality ingredients cost more, we think that the benefits are worth it, and we hope that you do too. We work hard everyday to keep costs low so that more people have access to plant powered hair care. 

We understand the ANTIDOTE isn't necessarily for everyone.  

That's why ANTIDOTE offers no hassle 30-day returns. We want you to be delighted with your ANTIDOTE products, to look forward to every time that it’s an ANTIDOTE day. Our products perform and are fun to use. Using plant powered products can take time to work especially if you are switching from a traditional formula, so we encourage folks to try the line for at least 30 days. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we’ll happily refund you.

ANTIDOTE - Quality hair care at affordable prices, because our mission is to make healthy living easier. 

For amazing hair days!

Abigail + David


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