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January 10, 2022 3 min read

We’re proud to announce that ANTIDOTE Plant Powered Hair Care is now Certified Plastic Neutral. 

That means that for every bottle of ANTIDOTE you purchase, we take an equal amount of plastic out of the environment. This includes all of the plastic used in that product including the bottle, cap, label, plus any other plastic used in the process of making and shipping it.

This move is part of ANTIDOTE’s belief in planet positive hair care. 

  • Planet positive starts with what’s in the bottle – organic, sustainable ingredients.
  • It includes how products are made - cold-processing, how they are sent to you – Certified Carbon Neutral Shipping, and minimizing plastic in all we do.
  • Now we’re proud to extend planet positivity – becoming Certified Plastic Neutral.

To make this happen, ANTIDOTE partners with rePurpose Global, world's leading Plastic Action Platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance. We're proud to join the global coalition of 200+ conscious brands.

How it works. Every time you buy ANTIDOTE, 100% of the plastic recovered on your behalf is "Ocean-Bound". Your intervention diverts this plastic safely away from the oceans before it ever has a chance to leak into it. The project directly enables the ethical collection and permanent disposal of hazardous low-value, single-use plastic waste such as multi-laminate plastic. Trained waste workers segregate, clean, and transport the plastic to cement kilns for co-processing.


  • Removes plastic that would otherwise enter the ocean and harm animal life
  • Recovers energy and minerals from the plastic to make cement
  • Eliminates harmful emissions that would otherwise occur from burning
  • Reduces the usage of coal in the cement manufacturing process, thereby reducing greenhouse gases
  • Provides economic benefits to waste workers including a comprehensive health check-up camp, with COVID-19 relief as needed due to the resurgence of the pandemic

ANTIDOTE specifically supports work along the beautiful east coast of India through a project called Blue Dream.  The first of its kind rePurpose Impact Project currently employs 40 people managed by a local waste management pioneer Waste Ventures India

You might wonder why ANTIDOTE supports waste collection abroad. The United States exported over 1.3 billion pounds of scrap plastic overseas in 2020 alone – most going to southeast Asia.  In New York Times reporters Hiroko Tabuchi and Michael Corkery recent article, “Countries Tried to Curb Trade in Plastic Waste. The U.S. Is Shipping More,” they share “Though many American communities dutifully collect plastic for recycling, much of the scrap has been sent overseas, where it frequently ends up in … rivers, streams and the ocean.” Plastic is a global issue.  Environmental destruction affects us all.  

While excited to make this commitment, this is a stop gap. Ideally, we’d move entirely away from plastic.  And while plastic reduction through package simplification is important, it’s just one step. In our blog post, “Plastic Free Hair Care. Are we ready?”, we talk about the vision of plastic free shampoos and conditioners. Unfortunately, no plastic alternative has yet been developed for shower use that keeps people and products as safe. As soon as there is a solution, we’ll be there.

Until then, let’s take action together. Shopping Certified Plastic Neutral represents one step to taking responsibility.

Abigail + David, ANTIDOTE Planet Positive Hair Care


Want to learn more about RePurpose Global?

About rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is the world's leading Plastic Action Platform dedicated to reducing waste, reviving lives, and restoring nature's balance. Through its pioneering ecosystem of solutions that span across advisory, action, and advocacy, the organization helps people and companies calculate, reduce, and offset their plastic footprint, while empowering grassroots innovators on the cutting edge of solving for the planet's future. 

To date, rePurpose Global has created systemic change for people across 26 countries and hundreds of purposeful brands worldwide, such as Grove Collaborative, AB InBev, The Hut Group, Google, and Colgate. On behalf of its global coalition, the organization eliminates millions of pounds of plastic waste from nature every year, and in doing so, positively impact the lives of 10,000+ marginalized waste workers and community members worldwide. 

Check out this 4-minute introduction video or go to the rePurpose Global website to explore their platform and join the movement.



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