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June 09, 2022 2 min read

Pamper Dad this Father's Day with ANTIDOTE 1848 Plant Powered Hair Care Sensitive Skin Bundle.  

This multi-use care kit covers everything Dad needs for scalp and follicle care, hair strength, and beard care in style. 

Why?  Dad wants to make sure that the hair he has will last as long as possible. After all, healthy hair starts with happy follicles.  

ANTIDOTE Sensitive Skin Hair Bundle

This Bundle has it all:

  • Chamomile shampoo  8oz 
  • Chamomile conditioner  7oz 
  • Sandalwood Styler  4oz

These formulas are hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.  They are made to the highest ingredient standards that has earned each formula an Environmental Working Group Green Rating.

There’s a lot to love about these products:

  • organic chamomile to soothe skin and reduce irritation caused by the sulfate cleansers found in traditional shampoos
  • aloe vera bases to improve hair texture
  • gentle sulfate-free coconut cleansers clean while coddling your follicles
  • shea butter, glycerin, and avocado conditioners to strengthen hair from within, and protect scalp from dryness
  • Vitamin E for scalp health

TIPS: Make sure your hair is heavily saturated with water before using shampoo, this will help your hair lather better.  Apply Sandalwood Styler from middle of hair to ends.  This product conditions your hair while it holds.


Each product in the bundle has multiple uses.

Beard care

Beard's need pampering too!  Chamomile Shampoo will gently clean your beard without irritating your face.  A touch of Chamomile Conditioner - full of shea butter and avocado oil - works as a leave-in conditioner.  This product will soften your beard and protect your skin.  Water it down before use, or apply and just don't rinse it all out.  Because it's fragrance free, you won't have to worry about nasty perfumes against your skin.

For extra thick beards, ANTIDOTE Nourishing Hair + Body Oil replenishes dry skin and prevents frizz in hair.This stuff will soften even the hardest beards.  Rich plant oils paired with squalene (a powerful antioxidant moisturizer) and vitamin E provides skin with anti-aging benefits.

For all hair and skin types.  Safe for use on face and body

To use on hair and beard - after cleansing, spread 1-2 pumps evenly in palms, massage into hair and beard until fully absorbed.  To use on your body- after shower spread 1-2 pumps evenly in palms, apply to skin until fully absorbed.

Body Care

Chamomile Shampoo is gentle enough to use all over your body.  As a body wash, wet your skin first, then apply and rinse.  

The ANTIDOTE Sensitive Skin Bundle is safe for all skin and hair types.

Guilt-free, too!

Yep, this bundle is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free. Plus, ANTIDOTE is Certified Plastic Neutral and every shipment is Carbon Neutral.

Happy Father's Day!

- Abigail + David

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