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March 19, 2024 3 min read

Tipping has long been a customary practice in the service industry, and the realm of hairstyling is no exception. It's a way to show appreciation for the skills and efforts of your hairstylist, who plays a significant role in helping you look and feel your best. However, recent trends have seen some salons adopting no-tipping policies, raising questions about tipping etiquette and its future in the industry.



We recently talked with Raina (casually known as Rae), Salon Owner and dimensional color specialist at Twelve Fourteen Salon. Learn about her perspective on the impact of implementing a "No Tipping" policy in her salon and how it has positively influenced her business.

Q: What inspired you to implement the no tipping policy in your salon?

A: What inspired me to implement the no tipping policy in my salon was the fact that I could take some stress off my clients when it came to the checkout process, and make my business run more simply. Our clients find more peace in knowing exactly what to expect price-wise instead of being hit with a surprise. At Twelve Fourteen, we quote our clients right after the consultation, so they don’t have to worry about a tip on top of that quote. They always know exactly what they will be charged before we even start the service.



Q: How has the transition to a no tipping policy impacted both your staff and clientele?

A: The transition to a no tipping policy has impacted both our staff and clientele in the best way. Our staff can plan their income more intentionally rather than relying on tips, and our clients love it because they don’t have to worry about calculating the right tip. Tipping can make some clients feel stressed - "Did I leave them enough of a tip? Did I leave them too much of a tip? Are they judging me for how much of a tip I gave?" We like to make things as clear as possible and easygoing. This policy helps set us up for clear communication when it comes to pricing.

Q: What benefits have you experienced from implementing the no tipping policy?

A: Some benefits we’ve experienced from the no tipping policy are that we have nailed down a system that keeps communication clear around pricing, our service times stay consistent and accurate, it keeps us working efficiently to maximize our schedule, and our clients tell us all the time how much they love it! Since we quote right after the consultation, it really forces us to know our numbers, timing, and stay efficient with the task at hand.



Q: What challenges did you encounter during the transition to a no tipping policy?

A: Some challenges we encountered were finding a way to communicate the changes in a way our clients could understand. We learned removing tips completely was the way to go. We communicate that our salon is gratuity-free and all-inclusive. Gratuity is not included in our prices; it’s simply removed altogether, and we price ourselves accordingly. Another challenge we encountered was learning how to properly quote our prices. We came up with a simple quoting structure that’s now second nature to us, but took some time to get used to.


Q: What is your perspective on the no tipping movement in the salon industry?

A: I feel the no tipping movement is only setting our industry up for success if it’s done properly. Stylists and salons that implement this structure have more control over what they profit, which in turn will result in better budgeting, financial planning, and more accurate data to go off of.



Q: Are you available to provide guidance for stylists or salon owners seeking to transition to a gratuity-free structure?

A: Absolutely! If there are stylists or salon owners seeking guidance on transitioning to a gratuity-free structure, I’d love to connect and share my experience and insights.



Tipping your hairstylist is a personal decision that should reflect the quality of service received and your level of satisfaction. While traditional tipping practices remain prevalent in many salons, the emergence of no-tipping policies signals a potential shift in the industry's landscape. Whether you choose to tip your hairstylist or support a salon with a no-tipping policy, the most important thing is to show appreciation for the skill, artistry, and dedication of the professionals who help you look and feel your best.

Photo credit: @lainyjeanphotography.

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