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May 05, 2022 3 min read

Considering going blonde this season? Here are 5 professional tips and tricks to get the most out of the process.

With only 2% of the world’s population being naturally blonde, chances are that if you want to have blonde hair, you’ll need some product (and professional help) to do so.

Nobody knows more about hair color than professional stylists. In addition to hours of training on the physiology of hair and the chemical process required, they experience the process on thousands of real heads. Pro stylists know what works and when it won’t work.

Going from brunette to blonde is a serious commitment. It will take lots of patience and extra $$$.  We hope that these 5 professional tips will help.

Tip 1: Schedule a consultation with your stylist, before you commit, know the cost and how many appointments you will need.  Find an ANTIDOTE professional stylist here.

Tip 2: Prepare your hair before every appointment. Use a hair mask 2-3 days before you have your visit, this will condition and strengthen your hair. Before using the hair mask, make sure that you have shampooed your hair well. That means removing any product build up, especially silicone if you use any products with it. A great prep shampoo is the Rosemary Detox Shampoo – with Rosemary oil and Apple Cider Vinegar it provides a deep clean that prepares your hair to get the most from your hair mask. 

What’s a good hair mask? One of our favorite’s is Jojoba Deep Conditioner. Jojoba oil and shea butter penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen from within. For deeper conditioning, try Avocado Styling Cream as a leave-in treatment. A little goes a long way!

Tip 3: It could take 5-10 appointments before you have achieved the desired level of hair color.  Everyone is different but it usually takes more appointments that you’d think. Online advice that it only takes 3 appointments represents the best case scenario. Don’t be overly optimistic.

Tip 4: Don't expect to be blonde after the first visit, usually it will be a lighter shade of brown.   The pro’s we talked to shared that no matter how many times they advise clients of this, that it’s easy to be disappointed when the first visit doesn’t get their client as far as they hoped. Did we say “Be patient!”

Tip 5:  Use shampoos with gentle sulfate-free cleansers. Traditional shampoos use harsh detergents that will strip your color out and can cause further skin irritation. Instead, opt for a sulfate free moisture shampoo like ANTIDOTE Ginseng Moisture Shampoo. It’s made with Wisconsin ginseng to promote healthy hair follicles and contains Gentle coconut cleanser cleans without drying and Aloe vera base to protect color-treated hair.

Also, be open to the possibility that hair color might not be for you. Some people have adverse skin reactions.  After all 64% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. If you are allergic or concerned about the chemicals you’ll be in contact with, talk to your stylist about other options. 

Consider the full picture. Hair color should complement your skin tone, eye color, and other aspects of your face – like eyebrows and eye lashes. A professional stylist can help you fine tune what going blonde means for you. Like is it a full color or just highlights.

Have fun! Coloring our hair is a natural extension of our intrinsic desire to change, improve, tinker. The best part of hair color is that it’s not forever, you can always change it. With some advance planning and realistic expectations, it can be lots of fun.

For more perspective on hair color, check out Rebecca Guenard’s research on the history and development of hair coloring. In her article “Hair Dye: A History” she shares that, “People have been coloring their hair since ancient times. But still, most know relatively little about the chemistry.” Her writing demystifies hair color.

Want to learn more about caring for color treated hair?  Check out the best products for color treated hair here.  Take the guess work out of what you'll need for long lasting color, try the ANTIDOTE Color Treated Hair Bundle.

Let us know about your hair color journey. We’d love to know what’s working for you.

 - Abigail + David

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