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November 29, 2023 5 min read

  • New Rosemary Shampoo for deep clean and conditioning
  • New Ginseng Shampoo for moisture and protein
  • New Nettle Shampoo for sensitive skin, with all the benefits of our Ginseng

At ANTIDOTE, we are passionate about professional hair care that’s also good for you and the planet. 

The “professional” in ANTIDOTE means a commitment to constantly improve, to offer the highest quality salon products. By listening to your feedback and tapping into expert ANTIDOTE professionals, we find ways to make your life better, simpler. At the same time, we continuously scan the field of botanical science, Ayurvedic techniques, and Eastern medicine to bring you healthful and effective natural ingredients.

After months of formula testing, experimenting with new botanicals, and better mixing equipment, we are proud to share that we have new versions of ANTIDOOTE’s shampoos. You’ll find them to more effective, streamlined on 3 core hair cleansing needs – everyday moisture, deep clean, and sensitive, and to be more consistent without settling over time, and. 

If you are a current ANTIDOTE shampoo user, what you need to know:

  • ANTIDOTE Ginseng Shampoo remains Ginseng Shampoo
  • ANTIDOTE Rosemary Shampoo remains Rosemary Shampoo…
  • ANTIDOTE Chamomile Shampoo is now Nettle Shampoo…
  • If you used ANTIDOTE Baobab Shampoo, we learned that

More about each:

NEW Ginseng “Moisture” Shampoo

If you liked ANTIDOTE’s Ginseng or Baobab Shampoo, you’ll love our new Ginseng Shampoo. Treat your hair to a luxurious experience. Infused with organic Ginseng, Biotin, and Seaweed Extract, this daily moisture shampoo will nourish the scalp and fortify strands from root to ends, promoting healthy and long-term hair growth. Great for all hair types, particularly fine, thin, or dry hair, it is safe to use on color-treated hair as well. Pamper yourself with a shampoo that brings out the best in your hair. We added Rice Protein and ProVitamin B5, so that if your hair needs extra protein (like our Baobab Shampoo users), this one’s for you.

NEW Rosemary “Detox” Shampoo

If you liked ANTIOTE’s Rosemary Shampoo, you’ll love this improved Rosemary Detox Shampoo. This deep cleaning shampoo gently cleanses to leave hair light and soft. Organic nettle and hemp oil naturally condition and protect hair. Wheat protein strengthens and fortifies hair cuticles. Invigorating Rosemary Essential Oil scent. Safe for color-treated hair.  With added protein, this one is also great for former Baobab Shampoo users looking for a deeper clean.

NEW Nettle “Sensitive” Shampoo

If you liked ANTIDOTE’s Chamomile Shampoo, you’ll love our new Nettle Sensitive Shampoo. It provides a gentle and soothing experience for those with sensitive scalps. Nettle is renowned for its calming properties, which helps to alleviate itchiness and irritation, promoting a healthier scalp. Sage is great for its balancing qualities, which work to regulate oil production, ensuring that your hair stays refreshed. Together these ingredients provide a harmonious blend that nurtures your scalp and hair from roots to the tips.

At ANTIDOTE we believe that you can and should have it all – salon quality products that are better for you and the planet.

As you know, plant based ingredients are more expensive and harder to work with. For example, it is more difficult to blend natural ingredients so that products don’t need to be shaken.  That’s why so few companies work with the natural ingredients used in ANTIDOTE products.  Our commitment to plant based ingredients means we constantly strive to overcome these challenges. 

What stays the same…

  • Highest quality natural ingredients – sustainably sourced and organic wherever possible
  • Shampoos that look and smell like the ingredients in them, not with artificial fragrance or color
  • No harsh detergents and no harsh preservatives (ANTIDOTE products meet stringent Canadian safety rules where ~ 500 ingredients are banned for cosmetic use vs. ~ 10 in the US)
  • Regular size shampoo pricing will remain the same.

What’s different…

  • All ANTIDOTE shampoos will be more consistent without settling over time thanks to better mixing equipment and formula tweaks, plus…
    • Ginseng Shampoo has been improved for better moisture with Organic Jojoba and Olive Oils, Seaweed extract, and Rice Protein
    • Rosemary Shampoo has better deep cleaning properties, now with Organic Sage and Calendula
    • The sensitive skin line has been improved by adding Nettle - known for its anti-inflammatory properties - plus Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin B5 to soothe and repair.(To mark this new formula, we’re changing the name of the line from Chamomile to Nettle.) 
  • With these improvements, we have simplified the product line.Baobab Shampoo users can now switch to Ginseng Shampoo – for moisture - or the Rosemary Shampoo – for a deeper clean. We added protein and Vitamin B5 to both. Time to simplify your shower!

Which shampoo is right for you?

We always recommend starting with a clean slate. Any professional stylist will tell you that removing environmental dirt and product build-up are the first step to great hair. We designed Rosemary Detox Shampoo for this. While how often you detox your hair does depend on your hair type and overall needs. A good rule of thumb is to use a detox shampoo once a week. Detoxing the hair is a good way to give your hair and scalp a clean slate from artificial products you may have been using – along with any dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells that can build up on your scalp. The Rosemary shampoo is formulated with organic Rosemary and Nettles that are rich in amino acids providing the hair with essential nutrients to the hair follicles. The Rosemary Shampoo is gentle enough to use every day. For those looking for more volume or to manage a scalp that tends to be more oily, ANTIDOTE Rosemary Shampoo is a great choice for everyday use. Of course, we usually recommend only shampooing every few days.

For most daily use, match your shampoo to what your hair needs.

For insight into what your hair needs, wet your hair and take a strand of hair and gently pull.

Healthy hair: If your hair strand stretches a little and bounces back to its original length without breaking. For healthy hair, we recommend:

  • Ginseng shampoo and conditioner for everyday use
  • Nettle shampoo and conditioner for folks with sensitive skin
  • Coconut shampoo bar and conditioner bar

Weak or damaged hair:The strand stretches more than usual and then breaks. Your hair may be dry, stiff, and brittle.  This is common with chemically treated hair. If this matches your need, we recommend:

  • Start with Ginseng Shampoo to add moisture and protein, followed by Jojoba Hair Repair Conditioner

For oily scalp: Go with Rosemary Shampoo every time.

We can’t wait for you to try ANTIDOTE’s new shampoo line. Let us know what you think!

Abigail + David

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