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March 09, 2023 3 min read

You can have it all…

with ANTIDOTE Hair Care you get salon quality that’s good for you and the planet.

For too long the hair care industry has made us believe that salon quality hair care needs harsh chemicals to work. The truth is, these chemicals irritate our scalp, weaken hair over time, and make hair brittle. (In fact, many chemicals used in American professional products are outlawed in Canada and Europe.) Of course, the industry is happy to fill your shower with extra products designed to repair the damage caused by harsh ingredients.

We created ANTIDOTE 1848 Hair Care because we believe that everyone deserves an alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most haircare. Salon professional hair care made with the best natural ingredients, minimal packaging, and multi-use products to minimize consumer and environmental waste.

Our Vision: We want to raise the bar in professional hair care and break the paradigm. Professional hair care doesn’t need to be made with harsh ingredients, and nobody needs a roomful of products. 

ANTIDOTE Founders, Abigail and David, met in Appleton, Wisconsin and connected on the need for safe, environmentally conscious, salon professional products that work. Abigail bringing years of experience in the boutique salon field and David years of experience in the corporate side of the industry. The line was born after many months of formulation and testing – thanks to talented professional stylists, veteran industry chemists, and an enthusiastic group of product testers.

From our combined deep boutique salon and corporate hair care industry expertise, we knew that natural ingredients work better than synthetics to deliver thick, strong hair and nurture your healthiest scalp. 

At ANTIDOTE we believe in simplicity. From ingredients to packaging, less is more. All products have multiple uses so that you can streamline your routine and simplify your shower. 

  • Thanks to gentle cleansers, shampoos work well as a body wash.
  • Conditioners are rich enough to use as a leave-in styler when diluted.
  • Hair Sprays work on wet or dry hair to give you different effects.

As a result, the ANTIDOTE line has about 20 products. In contrast, a typical salon line has 5 times as many.

How does ANTIDOTE work? ANTIDOTE works by bathing your hair and scalp in salon-tested formulas using gentle cleaners, rich vitamins, and natural oils. 

In ANTIDOTE products you’ll find aloe vera bases, shea butter and avocado oil conditioners, vitamins E and B5, and herbs such as ginseng, chamomile, and rosemary. These ingredients work with our body to restore balance and strengthen hair from within. After all, great hair starts with a healthy scalp and happy follicles.

Did you know that 64% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body?

 Have you considered that 100% of what you use in your shower ends up in streams, rivers, and oceans?

For sure, lots of brands claim to be “organic” or use “botanicals”. Only ANTIDOTE professional shampoos and conditioners are externally recognized with mulitiple green ratings by the Environmental Working Group, the leading product safety rating organization in the industry.

Everyone deserves both professional hair care that works AND healthful natural ingredients with a minimal approach.

And you can feel good knowing that ANTIDOTE removes an equivalent amount of plastic bound for oceans, making ANTIDOTE Certified Plastic Neutral.

Go ahead, have it all! ANTIDOTE Hair Care - salon quality that’s good for you and the planet.

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