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July 02, 2020 3 min read

We’re passionate about small business and hope that you are, too. 

“Small susinesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy: they create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. A new report shows that they account for 44 percent of U.S. economic activity,” according to the US Small Business Administration.

By buying from family farms like the ginseng farmers in Marathon County, Wisconsin, sourcing ingredients that are fairly traded and sustainably sourced, and working with smaller suppliers, ANTIDOTE supports small businesses every day.  

If we had to chose one favorite small business, it would be the boutique salon.  It is at the heart of all we do.  Every ANTIDOTE product is pressure tested in the boutique salon and designed to provide stylists a healthier alternative for their guests and themselves. Boutique salons matter. Many times they are the first businesses in a community and are meeting places where people exchange ideas, and they attract other businesses.

"Small, locally owned businesses and startups tend to generate higher incomes for people in a community than big, non-local firms, which can actually depress local economies," said Stephan Goetz, Ph.D., professor of agricultural and regional economics at Penn State and director of the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development.

What do we love most about small business?

Innovation is fun!

If there were one thing that excites us about being a small business is the level of innovation that we can bring to our customers.  We can invest in new and interesting products. We can take time to listen to your feedback without a quarterly profit target or investors looking for a fast return. Our small batch processing means that we can make adjustments quickly.  Innovation makes small businesses exciting. That’s why people want to work with small businesses. When you work with a small business, your efforts have a direct impact on the path of the company. We’ve been inspired by how many people connected with us on the theme of “sustainable hair care that works.” It takes a village to pull a start up off, and we believe that innovation attracts talent.

Jobs for everyone

More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create the majority of new jobs in the U.S. each year.

We are excited that small business means jobs for underrepresented groups. Women, people of color, and other minorities rock the small business realm.  In contrast, minorities make up a small percentage of big corporate leadership.  What's up with that?  

A small business allows everyone to make a difference, to be their own boss.  As a small business ourselves, we look for people with talent,  smarts, and hustle -  not necessarily degrees or contacts. We love that we get to work with so many different types of people.  Each person brings a unique set of experiences. Everyone that works on ANTIDOTE makes us stronger.

Mission impact

As a small business, we can give back to our communities in a direct and personal way. At ANTIDOTE, recent examples include a program with Boys and Girls Clubs called “Women in Science, Wetlands, and Beauty”where girls got to meet women in biology, conservation, and, of course, the beauty industry. They talked about their careers and how they are all linked. We recently worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters on “How make your own Shampoo” self-esteem project that involved professional stylists. Little sisters got to make their own shampoo, name it, and create an ad for it. Afterward, professional stylists gave each “little” a make-over.  

Goetz said the best way to promote economic growth may be encouraging local businesses. "We can't look outside of the community for our economic salvation." Goetz said. "The best strategy is to help people start new businesses and firms locally and help them grow and be successful."

About 6.5 million new businesses are started in the United States each year, that’s the majority of new jobs.

Local businesses have a global impact.  In recognition of the impact of small business on the global economy, the United Nations declared June 27 World Small Business Day.   

Are you or someone you know looking to start a business?  Entrepreneur magazine's Peter Daisyme shares great resources here.



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