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July 01, 2019 3 min read

Whether your hair is curly, straight, fine or full - whether it is long, short, or non-existent – ANTIDOTE has tips for everyone this season. 

Collecting shells and pebbles on a beach is good for the soul.

Summer is hard on hair. Heat, sun, wind, humidity, sweat, chlorine, and salt water make hair dry and dull, and stress the scalp.

We sat down with a few of ANTIDOTE’s professional stylists to hear what they had to say. Here are their best tips for great summer hair.

Cocktails all around! Christopher Jensen of Freshair salon suggests "cocktailing" products for a personalized look. “For example, I mix a volumizing gel and hair cream together on naturally curly hair for wonderful ringlets of curls.” Christopher’s favorite mix for summer uses ANTIDOTE’s Sandalwood Multi-styler with Avocado Styling Cream. “I like the ANTIDOTE line because the products can be combined in different ways - the natural ingredients and fragrances blend well together.” 

Use protection or stay in the shade.  To protect your hair from the elements, use ANTIDOTE Goldenseal Hair Protector, a leave-in hair heat and environmental bodyguard.  Golden seal extract and shea butter guard against heat styling and UV exposure, reduce tangles, and condition hair.  Trey Rosenkranz of Triple Three Wellness reminds us, “it’s important to embrace warmer weather - play outside as much as you can and explore nature. But beware of the sun.” Avoiding sun exposure can be as simple as wearing a fun hat or colorful scarf. Head wraps are in right now – and there are so many great styles to choose from. Trey explains, “When you don’t want to wear a hat or sun blocking clothing, there is nothing like a good sunscreen. Look for Oxybenzone & Octinoxate free ones – these are safe for coral reefs. My favorite site for information on sunscreens is EWG.”  Sunscreens are always improving. Check out EWG's Guide to Sunscreens for the latest.

Keep it clean. “Whether you’ve been to the pool, lake, or ocean, make sure to wash your hair afterwards to remove chlorine, salts, and chemicals that naturally occur in water,” explains Raina Wells of Tailored Muse Salon. “Look for SLS free shampoos because they won’t dry your hair the way that traditional shampoos will. The secret to getting good lather with these is to make sure that your hair is saturated with water. One of my favorites is ANTIDOTE’s Rosemary Detox Shampoo. I use it a few times each week, then follow up with ANTIDOTE Chamomile Conditioner to add back good moisture.

Jojoba and sandalwood oil naturally moisturize and protect summer hair.Moisturize and protect. While washing out chemicals like chlorine is important, don’t over wash! Liv Mueller of Divine Salon explains, “You want to keep your body’s natural oils if you can. Oils that come from the scalp are produced for a reason, and can help dry brittle hair.” Look for conditioners and styling products with natural, cold-pressed oils. These penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen from within. Liv notes, “ANTIDOTE Sandalwood Stylerhas been great for my clients on dry hair as well and acts as a de-frizzer. Note that any conditioner can be used as a leave in conditioner if used sparingly enough on towel dried hair.” And summer is a great time to give your blow drier a vacation!

Start with a new style. According to Bold Salon’s Abigail Kuehl, “Summer is a great time to try on a new style. For longer hair, my favorites are braids, high ponies, cornrows, and buns. Keep them loose to allow hair to flex. These styles protect your hair from breakage.”  For shorter hair Abigail recommends going a bit shorter than usual. “Staying cool is about keeping your hair off of your face and neck. These styles do that and protect fragile ends. I like that they work well with hats, scarves, and head wraps so that you can have fun with your look.”

Whatever your hair type and style, get out there and enjoy the summer with these hair tips for everyone!

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