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April 03, 2021 7 min read

It's finally Spring!!!

Especially this spring it is time to celebrate and appreciate, like we made it through winter!  Time to all get outside and play.

Whatever your game – golf, soccer, running, yoga, hiking, chasing the kids… or just lying in the grass - it’s time to get in shape – physically, mentally, AND time to get your hair in shape, too.  Did you know that mowing the lawn improves mental health?

How did your hair and scalp fare this last season?

It’s pretty typical to find that your hair needs a little extra TLC in the wake of the cold season. On top of that, the coming warm months will present new challenges to your locks and scalp. As you spend more and more time outdoors, your hair will become vulnerable to UV damage, dehydration, and hair loss. 

So now is the time to give your hair a boost of love and nutrition and secure a plan to protect it as spring progresses. We put a plan together for you, then distilled it down to 6 easy steps so you can navigate the warmer months easily. No sweat!

Confidence Is Beautiful

With warmer weather comes more time outside and less clothing…. This can sometimes bring up body image issues, and our self-esteem can suffer. The anxiety of that perfect beach body, or fitting into last year’s clothes can take a knock to our pride. So it’s important to find ways to boost your confidence. We want you to enjoy spring!

Be playful. One way to boost your self-esteem is to approach your hair routine with a playful, creative attitude. Experimenting with different styles and colors, learning new techniques, or discovering natural products that are already in your home will keep you feeling inspired and confident.

Taking time to play with your hair means allowing yourself to be brave in the way you express yourself. And supporting your self-esteem impacts your overall health. Healthy you, healthy hair. 

Easy right?

Not always. But remember that play and self-expression is an ongoing process. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and you’re bound to have a little more fun. You got this!

While you’re working on that, we’ve compiled 6 actionable steps that you can take this season to ensure that your hair will be looking gorgeous even on the days you’re not feeling it.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair This Spring

  1. Don’t over wash your hair. 

We know it’s hard. As you start spending more time outside, you may find yourself wanting to wash your hair more. But over washing your hair isn’t always in your best interest. 

Here’s why: when you wash your hair, you strip it of its natural oils. Those oils are necessary for retaining moisture and maintaining a healthy scalp. So your scalp will overcompensate by producing more oil. It’s a slippery slope. 

If you have a dry scalp, it may feel counterintuitive, but washing lessis better. 

So how do you lengthen the time between washes? First and foremost, stick to plant-based natural products. You don’t want sulfates, and you don’t want silicones. Those ingredients give your hair that shiny and clean look after a shower, but don’t be fooled by its disguise. 

In reality, you’re just clogging your pores and suffocating your hair follicles. 

Keep reading to find out more about our favorite plant-based hair products.

Second, sleep with your hair wrapped in a scarf. This will protect your hair from rubbing against your pillow and causing that “just got out of bed” look that you’re so eager to wash away. 

On days you skip the wash, use a dry shampoo to soak up excess oils that make you feel greasy. 

And last, give your hair a light misting in the mornings to re-style and breathe new life into your waves or curls. 

  1. Allow your hair to air-dry to avoid heat damage.

Now that it’s warm out, you should be able to get away with air-drying your hair more. Even if you can’t do it every day, cutting back on your hair dryer will help your hair stay strong and healthy. Tools that heat your hair will leave your strands thirsty and prone to breakage.

This is a huge tip for having healthy, strong hair over the span of your life. The less you bother it, the more likely it is to stick around as you get older. 

When you air-dry your hair, you’ll want to avoid cotton towels. Cotton causes friction which does three things: it compromises your curls, makes your hair frizzy, and damages your hair. 

Instead, buy a microfiber towel to soak up excess water. For our girls with thicker hair that takes forever to dry, wrap your hair up and sleep in it overnight. By morning you’ll have dry, voluminous hair that you can mist and style the way you’d like. 

Not to mention you’ll cut your morning routine in half and have more time for you!

  1. Use products with natural ingredients. 

It’s hard to find natural, clean products that are actually just that. The FDA doesn’t regulate what words beauty products can and can’t use on labels, so you’re going to have to do a little investigating before you buy. Like we always say, if it reads like it came out of a science lab, it’s probably not safe. But if you recognize the ingredients, you’re in the clear. 

The other challenge when it comes to clean hair products is that they don’t always seem to get the job done. You want a product that actually works, right? Here are just a few examples designed to be effective, sustainable, and safe. Here’s the scoop:

What’s in it:Aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, rosemary, vitamin E, nettle leaf.

What it does:Clarifies the hair and scalp to promote hair growth. Gives bounce to lifeless hair. Removes product and environmental buildup. 

How to use it:Brush dry hair before washing. Shake well and massage into wet hair. Let sit for 1 minute for a deeper cleanse. Rinse. 

What’s in it:Aloe vera, shea butter, ginseng, avocado oil, vitamin E, grapefruit, bergamot and cedarwood oil.

What it does:Hydrates and nourishes your hair and scalp. Protects color-treated hair. Gently stimulates hair follicles. Promotes healthy hair growth.

How to use it:Shake well. After shampooing, apply to damp hair for 2-5 minutes, rinse with cool water to close the hair cuticle. Can be used as a leave-in.

What’s in it:Aloe vera, sandalwood oil, grapeseed oil, provitamin B5

What it does:Styles your hair without weighing it down. Protects and adds shine to your hair. 

How to use it:Work a generous amount between palms. Apply to damp hair from the roots to the ends and style. Air dry or blow-dry to add volume.

What’s in it:Aloe vera, grapefruit oil, vitamin E, charcoal powder, provitamin E, patchouli.

What it does:Gently cleanses to hydrate and refresh skin. Purifies pores and replenishes with antioxidants. Soothes irritated skin without drying.

How to use it:Shake well and squeeze onto a wet sponge or washcloth. Apply to skin and scrub body, face, and rinse.

  1. Get more vitamin E in your life.

We love vitamin E for its power to nourish and hydrate skin. It can be used topically or incorporated into your diet. 

Vitamin E works great on dry skin. It’s also a wonderful antioxidant that will make your hair follicles healthier. That means thicker, shinier hair. Use it as an oil and massage into your scalp or pack your pantry with the following foods:

  • Avocados
  • Almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, and hazelnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Mango
  • Sunflower oil and soybean oil
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Atlantic Salmon
  1.  Get a professional Hair Trim... regularly!! 

Don't let your stylist down!  Winter and fall can do a number on our hair. We may arrive in spring with damaged hair, split ends, or a dry scalp. Now is the time to trim away the dead stuff and make room for new growth.  

And now that you are vaccinated, no excuses to NOT see your stylist.  Heck, visit your hairstylist at every month if you have a short style. If you wear your hair long, visit them at least every 2-3 months for a healthy trim.

  1. Play with new spring hairstyles.

Creativity is what got us started in hair care, and we love to encourage everyone to be playful in their approach too. Try a new hairstyle to welcome the warm season and celebrate the transition that spring brings. 

Here are a few things to try:

This spring, we want everyone to feel confident, playful, and fearless. With this combination of best practices, reliable products, and creative suggestions, we trust that you’re ready to get out there and have fun looking beautiful. 

Tell us what you think of this guide! 

Are you trying something new this spring? Do you have a go-to method for healing damaged hair? 

If you liked this, you might enjoy last year’s tips, too.

Drop us a comment below and tell us what it is!

Abigail + David

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