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December 20, 2021 2 min read

Are you ready for the hottest, most sought after gift this season? 

Maybe it has to do with too many months of avoiding crowds or a realization that we have enough stuff.  This year, more than ever, experiences make the best gift.  It doesn't have to cost much, but will take time to think about the person you are gifting to.

When you give an experience, the options are limitless.  We reached out to ANTIDOTE users and these are the top 5 experiences that people shared. Don't feel constrained by these ideas, they are meant to get your juices flowing.


    A few added tips from expert experience guides:

    • Try to have the experience as close to the holiday (Xmas, birthday) that you are celebrating.
    • Think through necessities like bathroom breaks, drinks and snacks, and places to sit and rest along the way.
    • Take it slow.  An experience isn't about how many paintings in a museum you see or how many miles you log.  Stay flexible and follow your recipients energy.  If you are taking a hike, have a few check points where you can decide to take the short, medium, or long route.
    • Have a back up plan. Think in advance of your contingency plan.  If someone isn't feeling well or the weather isn't cooperating, give some thought to how you'll handle it.  Having a plan will take the stress out.

       Let us know your favorite experience gift.

      - Abigail

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