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All Natural Salon Quality At Home

Our goal is to provide healthy alternatives to hair and skin care products that meet the needs of the professional salon.

Our Ingredients Are The Best Part

Stylist Inspired

“I believe in using the best quality products, that actually work, but that don’t compromise values, ethics or our health negatively. I was so thrilled to learn of ANTIDOTE's ratings on EWG and more so because the products actually do what they say they’ll do.”

Casey Brookshire, Owner of MOD Hair Salon

Plant Powered

Over 60% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream. That's why we hand pick every ingredient and check it against the Environmental Working Group database to create "green rated," cruelty-free formulas.


We are Abigail Kuehl and David Calle - Abigail was inspired by her guests' needs for products that improved scalp balance, follicle health, and hair strength. David, former head of strategy at Unilever connected with her vision for a clean professional brand.

This led them to pull in expert product developers, professional stylists, and a group of enthusiastic product testers. After many iterations, the ANTIDOTE 1848 line was born.