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June 15, 2023 2 min read

Introducing ANTIDOTE's new Olive Fruit Pomade and ANTIDOTE Beeswax Hair Clay.

Thanks for all your positive feedback on our natural products. It warms our team’s hearts to hear encouragement. It’s hard work finding the best natural ingredients and formulating them into salon quality products that are good for you and the planet.

At the same time, we are continuously looking for ways to improve. After all, natural ingredients work differently than synthetics –the results are deeper and longer lasting, they take longer to work.  And they are harder to work into the manufacturing process.

We heard you! Along with the positive reviews, we get a lot of constructive feedback. You told us that you wanted more out of your stylers.  Based on your input, we are improving formulas on the ANTIDOTE Pomade and Hair Clay and expanding packaging options.  Thanks to your valuable feedback, product suggestions, and our wonderful professional stylist community for making this happen.

Most companies would launch new items as additions to the line, shouting about new benefits and increasing prices. Not ANTIDOTE! Instead, we feel that you only need one great pomade and one great hair clay, so these replace our old formulas.

Prices will remain the same on our regular 2oz size. Plus we are offering an every day 25% discount on a larger 4oz size.

While we hope that you will agree with us that the new formulas are better.  Before you accept that you are addicted to the old formulas, we invite you to try the new ones. We think you’ll love them. If you are not thrilled, we’ll refund you within 30 days.

What’s changing?

Formula highlights:

  • Vanilla Pomade will become Olive Fruit Pomade – a clear, firm-holdingpomade to smooth and hold any style.  Made with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter to create a silky touchable finish.  Non-greasy and flake-free with long lasting hold that keeps edges and styles in their place.  This formula conditions as it holds so using it improves the structure of your hair.
  • Sea Buckthorn Clay will become Beeswax Hair Clay – to add texture and separation to long or short styles.  Made with Beeswax and Bentonite Clay to add body and make hair feel thicker.  Light formula absorbs quickly.

New packaging:  

In addition, we’ll be offering more packaging options:

  • each styler will come in both a 2oz ($28) and 4oz ($42, 25% discount per ounce) -great for back bar and heavy users.
  • the Nourishing Oil will come in a 4oz ($32) and 2oz ($18), great for traveling.

Next step

Try ANTIDOTE new Olive Fruit Pomade and new Beeswax Hair Clay today! And let us know what you think. 

We’re listening!

David and Abigail



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