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May 23, 2023 6 min read

At ANTIDOTE 1848 Plant Powered Haircare, we believe that less is more. So for summer hair tips, we’re going to keep it simple. If there are only 3 things you do for your hair this season, here is our inside scoop on what to do.

TIP #1: Start your summer with a good hair trim, this will keep your locks refreshed and looking great.  

TIP #2: Stock up on your favorite hair protector (with birchbark). Make it a habit to use this every single day, it will protect your hair from UV rays that can fade haircolor. 

TIP #3: Drench your hair with a good leave in conditioner (like an avocado styler). This will help prevent from the chlorine and salt water from drying your hair out. Don’t forget to rinse your hair after a swim.  

Now let’s get into the details of each, in reverse order:

TIP #3: Embrace a good leave-in conditioner

Drench your hair with a good leave-in conditioner. This will help prevent from the chlorine and salt water from drying your hair out. Don’t forget to rinse your hair after a swim.  

Our favorite is ANTIDOTE Avocado Hair Cream - full of luxurious Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, and Provitamin B5 – each a powerhouse when it comes to hair care.

When you use Avocado Styling Cream, some of the benefits you can see:

  • Reduced frizz and smooths split ends
  • Conditioned dry ends without weighing your hair down
  • Increased curl when diffused in hair 

It works for all hair types but especially effective for curly and very dry hair.

It’s vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, silicone free, and color safe, too!

To use, work a small dab of product into palms. Apply to dry or damp hair, let air-dry or you can blow-dry or diffuse into hair to get rid of frizz and enhance textured hair. Can also be used on the ends of dry hair for a smooth texture. 

If you’re swimming a lot this summer, Shelley notes that “Swimming beats up your hair, too. …while you're doing the breaststroke, chlorine is stripping your hair of its natural protective oils. If you're a blonde, you may find your locks taking on an unflattering greenish cast. That's caused by the copper molecules and other pool chemicals that bind to the protein in the hair shaft,” Shelley continues to explain.” She recommends, “Saturate strands before taking a dip. If your hair is drenched with clean water or leave-in conditioner, it won't absorb as much saltwater or pool chemicals…. It's also a good idea to try to rinse your hair after a swim. If there isn't a shower nearby, keep a spray bottle filled with fresh water.”

TIP #2: Protect your hair from UV

Stock up on your favorite hair protector (goldenseal). Make it a habit to use this every day, it will protect your hair from UV rays that can fade haircolor. 

WebMD’s Shelley Levitt explains why it is important to “shield your strands from the sun.” “Make a daily habit of applying a hair care product that contains UV filters. These products protect hair from sun damage and help keep color-processed hair from fading. If you'll be spending lots of time outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat. Not only will it keep your strands from getting scorched, it will also protect your scalp and ears, areas that are vulnerable to skin cancer.”


With ANTIDOTE Birchbark Hair Protector, you can protect hair and preserve color from sun damage. What can this product do for you?

  • Golden seal + shea butter guard against UV exposure
  • Reduce tangles + condition hair. 
  • Protects color-treated hair
  • Reduces drying time.

And like all ANTIDOTE hair care products, it is vegan, cruelty free, and safe for color treated hair.

How does it work? Mist throughout clean, towel-dried hair prior to styling. 

For shorter hair styles, choose a styler that protects and conditions as it holds. Our most popular styler, ANTIDOTE Sandalwood Multi-Styler is made with Aloe Vera and Sandalwood Essential Oil to do just that.

This lightweight styling cream for hair is formulated to provide body and shine. How does this nature packed cream work as a light weight blow-dry serum?

  • Sandalwood and grapeseed oils protect hair and add shine
  • Aloe vera conditions + protects color treated hair

To use, work a generous amount between palms. Apply to damp hair from the roots to the ends, style.  Air drying will leave a medium shine.  Blow dry in to add volume,  matte finish.

And finally…

TIP #1: Get a good trim

A good hair trim restores balance to your hair style so that it flatters you and it removes the oldest sections of your hair, keeping your ends clean. WebMD’s Shelley Levitt explains, “Start summer with a trim. You'll get rid of split ends and refresh your style. You might need a mid-season cut, too. Hair really does grow faster in the summer. That's because there are more hairs in the anagen, or growing, stage during late spring and summer than in the dead of winter.”

Of course, talk to your stylist about what works best with your face structure. Some of the looks that are getting the most buzz for summer 2022 include the Bixie, the Blow-out, and Braids.

Antidote 1848 Plant powered hair care summer hair tips

The Bixie  

“Back in the '90s, two iconic short haircuts came together (the Bob and the Pixie) and had a baby we now know as the bixie. Now, the cut is all grown up and modernized for 2022. ‘A bixie is equal parts pixie cut and a bob,’ Los Angeles-based hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons told Allure. ‘It's a shaggy bob with a mix of layers to add dimension and texture,’” shared Allure beauty experts Elizabeth Denton, Wendy Sy, Kaleigh Fasanella, and Marci Robin.


The Bustle’s Paris Giles shares, “expect to see lots of head-turning braids in funky colors and awe-inspiring lengths.  ‘Braids, braids, and more braids!’ says celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims. More specifically, he predicts a range of fun and funky variations like colorful braids, structural looks, and super long pleats. ‘Braids are super easy and low maintenance. People will opt for no-stress, carefree styles.’”

“Something to remember: As with any protective style, he says to keep your strands and scalp properly hydrated in order to avoid breakage,” says Sims.

Volume blow out

Elle’s Tatjana Freud explains the 3rd trend we are seeing, Bouncy Blow-outs.  “Hello, volume. ‘The '90s Bouncy Blow Out will continue to trend into Summer because it looks amazing down and chic when pulled back if it gets too hot,” says Celebrity Stylist Laura Polko. A round brush, some texture spray, and plenty of hairspray are the only tools you need to achieve this voluminous look.”

For men and those with shorter hair, grooming expert Michael Morris predicts, “Current hairstyles are embracing natural and classic natural curls. Fades and man buns are on their way out; tidy, 80’s style haircuts will be popular.”

DapperConfidential clarifies what to ask your stylist about, “…a tidy up, giving your hair layers and textures to help provide a more fluid silhouette.

Many that we talked to suggest that the Ceasar Cut will make a comeback.  What do you think?  


If you go this route, Michael shares a few things to keep in mind: “To wear this look you need strong features — good ears and a square jawline. Hair trends for men also often follows movies. With the release of the upcoming ‘Top Gun’ sequel, I think we will all revisit 80’s style with stronger, squarer tops cropped to the sides, and clean well-shaved faces that put the military back in our daily step. If you want to add facial hair to this look, keep it clean, keep it trimmed, and you will be looking fresh and fashion-forward.” 

At ANTIDOTE we want your summer to be as easy as possible. You need the time for more important things. Keep it simple with a good trim, incorporate a hair protector into your daily routine, and stay moisturized with a quality leave in conditioner.

Interested in more summer hair tips?  Check out one of our most popular features on summer cocktails - not the kind you drink - but mixing hair products to customize your look. 

Happy Summer!

Abigail + David

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