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May 11, 2020 2 min read

We love Wisconsin ginseng.  This is why it powers our popular Ginseng Shampoo and Conditioner. We appreciate the story behind its star ingredient and think you will too.

Ginseng is native to Wisconsin. It is the climate and soil that make Wisconsin ginseng the best in the world. To thrive, ginseng requires 75% shade, cool summers, and cold winters. Central Wisconsin delivers these regularly with 2 feet of snow and 2 feet of frost. Ginseng roots are vulnerable to fungus and these conditions protect them.

Ginseng roots are coveted for their healthful ginsenosides. Revered for millennia for its cooling properties “Yin”, people believe that regular ginseng use boosts the immune system, stimulates circulation, and reduces inflammation. A 2012 Mayo Clinic study showed that ginseng reduced fatigue in cancer patients when taken over an 8-week period. An important note is that Ginseng doesn’t deliver an instant hit, it requires regular use to experience its benefits.

All this comes down to just 185 growers who cultivate nearly 2,000 acres. Dave Schumacher, VP of Ginseng Board of WIcalls ginseng, “Wisconsin’s most unique crop.” He explains that seeds take 18 months to germinate. Once they are collected, they are placed in wet sand for 1 year, then planted in fall, to sprout the following spring. Farmers nurture them for 3-4 years, which is when the roots, full of active ginsenosides, are mature enough to be harvested.

We are proud that our ginseng is grown on family farms in Wausau, WI. Once harvested, our roots are dried and turned into powder. We love adding it into our shampoo and conditioner formulas!

We hope that you’ll become wild about Wisconsin ginseng too.

 - Abigail + David

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