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May 11, 2020 1 min read

Reaching out to friends is more important than ever.  We wanted to give you another excuse to connect.  When you refer a friend to ANTIDOTE, you're giving them $20 off their first order. That's almost a full size product for free! 

To show our appreciation, you get 20% off of your next order.  

It's this easy...

  1. Sign up to get your personal link
  2. Share with friends via email, Facebook, Instagram - let them know what you like about ANTIDOTE
  3. Your friends buys using your unique code
  4. You get rewarded

Get started here.

Getting your link is super easy... click on any link above and you'll get this screen:

Sharing is the best part.  Whether its the green rated formulas, stylist tested, scalp health, aloe vera bases, organic ingredients, or just born in Wisconsin, let your friends know why you like ANTIDOTE.  You can email or text, or share on your social media.  Here's what the Facebook post will look like. Of course, don't forget to say hi and wish everyone well.

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