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May 01, 2020 1 min read

Waiting to get in to see your favorite stylist?  Here are some fun hair ideas to play with in the meantime.

Simple hairstyles are the trend for summer so we've compiled our top 3 looks that will take you no time at all - texture, braids, and accessories.  Spice up your look with one of these go-to hairstyles. 



Blast your roots with ANTIDOTE Burdock Root Spray Wax, blow-dry into hair and add some beach-y waves. Adding texture to your hair on second day hair is a great way to prolong that shampoo you may not have had time for that morning.


Slick braids are popping up all over social media and some of the biggest beauty bloggers are talking about fun new ways to wear a braid this summer.

One of our favorite braids is a high shine braid. It's a simple way to pull your hair back and takes very little time. You will need ANTIDOTE Vanilla Pomade and a wide tooth comb. Apply pomade evenly throughout damp hair and comb through. Part hair into sections depending on how many braids you are doing. Braid sections, if you need a little bit more pomade in some sections apply a little bit more of pomade on hands and run through hair.

This will leave your hair with a nice clean braid that will not have a lot of frizz to hair and will hold all day. 


Brush hair and apply ANTIDOTE Sea Buckthorn Hair Clay throughout to create a tousled look, tie back with colorful hair scarf.

What's your go-to summer hair style?

- Abigail


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