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March 31, 2020 2 min read

At ANTIDOTE, the professional stylist has been at the heart of everything we do. Clients look to the professional stylist for their knowledge and experience. One day we were talking with a team of stylists at their salon. We noticed that everyone kept their “go to” products at their cutting stations – the handful of tools and products that they needed for almost every cut. One product that everyone had was a light conditioning detangling hair mist. For those who washed their client’s hair before cutting, the spray kept the hair damp and easy to manage. For those who washed their client’s hair after cutting, the spray added the moisture needed to create a quality cut. Others used the spray at the end of the style to reduce static. 

Even though they each used a hair mist, we learned that each of their existing products had a shortfall – artificial fragrance, harsh preservative, heavy silicone, drying alcohol. Their insights led to ANTIDOTE 1848 Gingelly Hair Mist - for all hair types, color safe, cruelty-free, and vegan.

We quickly turned to gingelly as a key ingredient. Gingelly is the ancient name for sesame seeds. Its use dates back thousands of years to ayurvedic medicinal practices. In addition to naturally moisturizing the hair and soothing the scalp, sesame oil benefits include encouraging healthy hair follicles, reducing premature graying, and protecting hair from environmental damage.

In addition to gingelly oil, you’ll find lots of good stuff in ANTIDOTE Gingelly Hair Mist.

  • Aloe vera gel to soothe scalp and add moisture to hair
  • Vitamin E to condition and protect
  • Sweet orange and cedarwood oil to delight the senses.

This light conditioning formula, reduces frizz and fly-a-way’s, controls static, and leaves a light shine.

To use, shake well, then spray onto wet or dry hair. Comb through to smooth out. Roughly work in to keep a looser style. ANTIDOTE Gingelly Hair Mist is a great way to freshen hair after a long day.

ANTIDOTE Gingelly Hair Mist comes in an 8oz green #1 PET bottle – to protect the natural ingredients – and comes with a fine mist sprayer.

Add ANTIDOTE Gingelly Hair Mist to your home beauty station – de-frizz, condition, refresh.

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