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April 02, 2020 2 min read

Bummed that you can’t see your stylist? 

Here are 4 things you can do right now to help you get through...

#1 Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment. Wash hair with Rosemary Shampoo or your favorite sulfate-free shampoo, rinse and towel dry. Mix Jojoba Hair Repair with Hair oil and apply to damp hair. Braid hair and let sit overnight, then rinse out in the morning.  For a quicker treatment, grab a timer and some soothing music or nature sounds. Wash your hair as above, apply your favorite silicone-free conditioner to wet hair and leave in, wrap hair in a towel and set your timer for 10 min.  Close your eyes while listening to soothing music or nature sounds. Rinse out when the timer goes off. Make sure you use a silicone-free conditioner like ANTIDOTEthat uses natural oils that penetrate the hair strand to repair it from within.

#2 Trim those dry ends off.  If you just can't use this time to grow your hair out and really can’t wait for your next cut, this one's for you. But, proceed with caution here, you might need a friend to help with the hard to reach spots. What we’re talking about is taking off 1/8inch of the ends of your hair by following the contours of your existing style Start at the top, and slowly work your way down. For shorter cuts, invest in a good trimmer to help. Use a comb to lift each section. 

#3 Rock a rainy day style (every day). If your roots are showing, don’t grab the cheap box dye!  Instead, let your locks hide-out under wraps with your favorite baseball hat or fedora.  Good news... you’ll also be prepared for those April showers.  Repeat each day until you can see your stylist.  Out of hats?  Check out your local thrift store. We love Goodwill Online because all proceeds support programs for people with disabilities. Other rainy day tips: try braids, ponies, and buns.

#4 Reach out to your stylist. Bad hair days can get lonely for all of us. Let your favorite stylist know how much you miss them and appreciate them. Like them on Facebook, write them a positive review, follow their Instagram feed. You’ll feel good and they’ll appreciate it. They miss you too!

How are you taking care of your hair style this spring?

Stay safe and healthy.


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