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April 02, 2020 2 min read

Seems like every night is family night!  Tired of giving in to tech toys? Running out of ideas?   We did a quick poll of the ANTIDOTE team and this is what we found. (Just realized that given that ANTIDOTE is green rated, cruelty-free, and open to all, our picks gravitate to those themes.)  Let us know your picks, too!  

In the motion picture category...

Pick of the Litter – a new favorite. This film follows a litter of puppies from the when they're born through their journey to become guide dogs for the visually impaired.  Also gives a glimpse into how many different ways that people can be limited visually and how that changes the ways they interact with the world.  Certified “Fresh” by Rotten Tomatoes at 97%!

Babe – a 90’s classic film about “anything is possible.” This Academy Award nominated movie does have a few tear-jerking moments.

The Sound of Music - best overall classic – not only delivers catchy tunes, it’s also a chance to talk about real history and why it is important to stand up people, especially minority groups. 

Planet Earth – best nature series – episodes take episode takes you into the mountains, the plains, jungles, forests, caves and fields of ice. We love to talk about our responsibility to take care of the planet. A great addition is to then watch how nature documentaries are made here. 

In the “games that don’t cost anything” category…

Draw it. Brainstorm a list of things as a team, put each one down on a piece of paper. Take turns pulling a paper and drawing it. Win points by guessing correctly. 

Charades. Brainstorm a list of things as a team, put each one down on a piece of paper. Take turns pulling a paper and act it out. Win points by guessing right. 

Telephone. Write down a story on a piece of paper. Each person shares their version of the story to the next person. The last person writes down the story that they heard. Compare it to the first version.

What are your favorites?

Abigail + David

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