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April 02, 2020 2 min read

We’re so excited to launch our “Find your antidote” product quiz!

Even though ANTIDOTE is a limited line of 20 products (most brands have 100+), the most common question we get is “what’s my ANTIDOTE?”

There’s no replacement for getting a consultation from your favorite stylist. They have the training and experience to know what your scalp and hair need, and can recommend the products that are right for you. Unfortunately, we can’t always see our stylist – especially now with nearly all of us in a “safe at home” mode thanks to C-19.

In the meantime, we put together a hair quiz just takes just a few minutes. We ask you to describe your hair type, thickness and length. We also want to know about how your scalp feels - after all, beautiful hair starts with a happy scalp - and we ask about whether you color treat or not. 

This gives us just enough information to recommend some products tailored to you. Whether your hair is curly or straight, thin or thick; whatever the shape of your scalp; and no matter how your treat your hair, there’s an ANTIDOTE bundle for you. 

You can feel good knowing that every ANTIDOTE shampoo and conditioner is rated “green” by the Environmental Working Group. All ANTIDOTE products are sulfate and cruelty free.

Here are some stylist product tips to:

  • For fine hair… add volume to fine hair by applying conditioner only to the ends of hair.Natural oils from scalp will be enough to condition the rest of your hair. Otherwise, you can accidentaly weigh hair down.
  • For wavy hair… add extra curl and body by diffusing sandalwood styler into hair.Heat from blowdrying thickens the hair strand.
  • For curly hair… add moisture and shine to your curls with at least a once a week hair treatment using Jojoba Hair Repair Conditioner.
  • For very curly hair… smooth those curls by applying a cocktail of Avocado Styling Cream with Hair + Body Oil.

Disclaimer: The photo above was taken before C-19. ☹️

Let us know what you think, we’re always looking for ways to improve!


Abigail + David

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