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July 05, 2022 5 min read

Love the hair you have! At ANTIDOTE, we believe that all hair is beautiful and deserves to be taken care of.

Part of loving the hair you have is maintaining a good haircare routine.  Why a good hair routine? Benefits include to:

  • Give hair more softness and shine
  • Improve follicle health, which helps prevent hair from thinning
  • Strengthen hair and improve elasticity – which means less breakage and longer, fuller hair
  • Foster a balanced scalp which reduces dandruff

A good place to start is to figure out your hair type. You’ll want to consider things like your hair length, natural moisture level, and scalp condition. There’s also how active you are (like do you swim regularly) and whether you color treat your hair. External factors play a role too, like your local water quality and the weather.

Here are some guidelines to use on building a good hair care routine for 3 common hair types: straight, wavy, and curly hair.

While these are a good place to start, take the ANTIDOTE Hair Quiz to learn more about your specific situation.  After all, a good hair routine takes into account many factors.  If you're tight for time, go straight to one of ANTIDOTE's professionally selected bundles.  There's a bundle for the most common hair types: wavy, fine, curly, color treated, and sensitive.  We always recommend you ask your professional stylist for advice, too.

For straight hair...

Step 1: 

Use a sulfate-free shampoo that helps you get rid of excess grease and dirt. ANTIDOTE Rosemary Shampoo is a great shampoo to start with and is specifically tailored to help keep oil and grease off your scalp.  Smells great, too. Anyone else into aromatherapy?

Washing your hair once every 2-3 days is recommended. Shampoo from your scalp outward and use a scalp massager for best results.

What makes ANTIDOTE Rosemary Shampoo special?

Whether you're looking for a clean slate or just want to get that bounce back to your fine or lifeless hair.  Blend of rosemary and nettle will promote hair growth. ACV removes harmful silicones that weigh hair down. 

  • Clarifies hair and scalp to promote hair growth
  • Removes excess product build up to increase hair volume
  • Apple cider vinegar removes product and environmental build-up
  • Refreshing rosemary fragrance

Step 2:

A good conditioner will strengthen and protect your hair. This is critical for folks with fine, delicate hair because weak hair is prone to breaking. Less breakage means a fuller head of hair. With straight hair, look for a light conditioner like ANTIDOTE Ginseng Conditioner. With ingredients like Aloe Vera juice and Shea butter, a little goes a long way. Unlike your shampoo, work the conditioner into the ends of your hair.

Step 3:

Style for volume. Products like the ANTIDOTE Sandalwood Styler are great to blow dry into the hair. This adds volume and conditions hair as it holds.

We joke that if you only had one styler in your bathroom, make it ANTIDOTE Sandalwood Styler. Why? Because this lightweight styling has so many uses from creating a gentle matte hold, reducing fly-aways, and adding volume. Made with Aloe Vera, Sandalwood and Grapeseed Oils, it conditions as it holds, leaving your hair in better shape at the end of the day. Plus it’s easy to use: Work generous amount between palms. Apply to damp hair from the roots to the ends, style.  Air drying will leave a medium shine.  Blow dry in to add volume, matte finish.

For wavy hair... 

Step 1:

Wash less. Wavy hair doesn’t need to be washed as often as straight hair, as it tends to be more dry. Wavy hair should be washed once every 3-4 days. Use the sulfate-free ANTIDOTE Ginseng Shampoo, specifically designed to add moisture back into the hair. 

Why do people love ANTIDOTE Ginseng Shampoo?

This hydrating moisture shampoo nourishes hair and scalp. Wisconsin ginseng promotes healthy hair follicles to prevent hair loss. 

  • Gentle coconut cleanser cleans without drying
  • Aloe vera base protects color-treated hair
  • Wisconsin ginseng stimulates hair follicles
  • Awesome grapefruit and cedarwood oil fragrance

Step 2:

Lightly condition with ANTIDOTE Ginseng Conditioner. This hydrating conditioner nourishes hair and scalp without weighing hair down. People love this formula because Wisconsin Ginseng and Shea Butter restore hair and seal in moisture.

Step 3:

Style lightly to ride the wave.

If you are lucky to have naturally wavy hair, focus on protecting and strengthening without weighing it down. Too much product will flatten those waves. ANTIDOTE Sandalwood Styler is great for longer hair. For shorter styles, try ANTIDOTE Vanilla Pomade. Both condition your hair while they work. The Vanilla Pomade provides a "wet look" to any length of hair or style. 

  • Fresh, slick look that lasts all day and can be freshened up with some water
  • light vanilla fragrance
  • Jojoba and sandalwood oils improve hair and scalp condition

It’s also easy to use: Work  small amount through palms.  Apply to damp hair from roots to ends. Apply with fingers for more texture or comb through to add a smoother look.   Let dry for firm hold.  Add small amount of water during the day to refresh your style.  Blow dry in as a volumizer,  matte finish.

For curly hair.... 

Step 1:

Wash less frequently. It’s common for curly hair to wash it just once a week. The goal here is to prevent it from getting too dry. 

Wash your hair using the sulfate- free ANTIDOTE Ginseng Shampoo or ANTIDOTE Baobab Shampoo. Only use your shampoo on your scalp as that is what needs cleansing. Avoid your hair so as not to strip it of its moisture. Traditional shampoos can make your hair excessively dry and frizzy if applied to the hair shaft. 

Step 2: 

Quality conditioners matter. Using conditioner on your hair every 3-4 days can help keep it soft and nourished. Consider a leave in conditioner like ANTIDOTE Avocado Styling Cream. This smoothing + curl enhancing hair cream has many benefits:

  • Reduces frizz and smooths split ends
  • Conditions dry ends without weighing your hair down
  • Increases curl when diffused in hair 

To use, work small dab of product into palms. Apply to dry or damp hair, let air-dry or you can blow-dry or diffuse into hair to get rid of frizz and enhance textured hair. Can also be used on the ends of dry hair for a smooth texture. 

All ANTIDOTE Conditioners are Environmental Working Group Green Rated – the highest rating possible. This means that they are made with the best ingredients for your health.

Other things to keep in mind when creating your hair routine

If you have sensitive or dry skin, we recommend swapping any shampoo and conditioner out for the ANTIDOTE Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioner. These hypoallergenic formulas are full of good stuff – like soothing Chamomile flowers and aloe vera – and you won’t find any fragrance or essential oils which can be triggers for dry skin.

If you color treat your hair, consider the Baobab Shampoo and Conditioner combo. Many hair treatments strip hair of protein which weakens the strand. These formulas put protein back into hair using Baobab Fruit and Quinoa protein – 2 powerful plant-based proteins.

Still not sure where to start?  Try one of our pro-tested bundles. We've got one for wavy hair, fine hair, curly hair and even sensitive and color-treated hair.

We hope that this inspires you to get started on a hair routine that will help you love the hair you have. A healthy scalp and happy follicles provide the base for great hair. Nourishing plant ingredients are essential to strengthen hair and add shine. Strong hair means less breakage and more volume.


Every head of hair is unique, so feel free to experiment and adjust. Don’t forget to try out the ANTIDOTE Hair Quiz and ask your professional stylist for advice. They know best! 

Want to learn more about the secret to hair growth and health?  Check out our blog post on the hair follicle!We break down how they work and how you can take care of them.

Let us know what works for you.
-Abigail + David

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