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ANTIDOTE Oily Hair Bundle

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ANTIDOTE Oily Hair Bundle

Say goodbye to greasy hair days with the ANTIDOTE Oily Hair Bundle, the perfect solution to regulate and balance the overproduction of oil on your hair and scalp. This expertly designed trio includes the 8oz Rosemary Shampoo, 8oz Ginseng Conditioner, and 8oz Lemongrass Hairspray. Together, these products work harmoniously to leave your hair feeling fresh, clean, and beautifully manageable.

8oz Rosemary Shampoo

Our 8oz Rosemary Shampoo is your first step towards oil-free hair. Rosemary’s natural astringent properties help to deeply cleanse the scalp, removing excess oil and buildup without stripping your hair of essential moisture. This invigorating shampoo not only purifies but also stimulates scalp circulation, promoting healthier and more balanced hair growth. Enjoy the refreshing herbal scent and the confidence of clean, vibrant hair.

8oz Ginseng Conditioner

Follow your shampoo with our 8oz Ginseng Conditioner, specially formulated to provide the perfect balance of hydration without weighing your hair down. Ginseng’s revitalizing properties help to strengthen hair follicles and regulate oil production, ensuring your hair remains nourished and healthy. This lightweight conditioner detangles and smooths your hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and free from excess oil.

8oz Lemongrass Hairspray

Complete your routine with our 8oz Lemongrass Hairspray, designed to provide a long-lasting, flexible hold while keeping oiliness at bay. Infused with lemongrass extract, this hairspray offers a fresh, citrusy scent and helps to maintain a clean, non-greasy look throughout the day. Perfect for styling, it ensures your hair stays in place without feeling sticky or heavy, allowing for natural movement and volume.

Why Choose the ANTIDOTE Oily Hair Bundle?

  • Balanced Care: Each product is formulated to regulate oil production and maintain a clean, balanced scalp.
  • Natural Ingredients: We use high-quality, natural ingredients known for their oil-controlling and hair-nourishing properties.
  • Effective Solutions: Experience visibly less oily hair with products that provide cleansing, conditioning, and styling benefits.

Achieve the perfect balance with the ANTIDOTE Oily Hair Bundle. Embrace a refreshed and revitalized hair care routine, and enjoy the lasting confidence of beautifully clean, manageable hair every day.